Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Box

This project we were assigned was probably the most meaningful and something everyone should do, we had to make a time capsule. The outside mine might not be that much but they are my favorite colors especially the blue. Also about the outside that might be a little weird and probably gross to most people but since I have stretched ears when I need to size up I use the tape that the time capsule is wrapped around in. In the inside of the time capsule I put some items in but mostly I wrote in it describing who is in my life right now, who means the most, and who doesn't mean that much. I also put a little note in for myself when I am older. I put a could insiders in the time capsule that I did with my friends so if I'm not in touch with them I can call them and tell them that I found the item and hopefully regain connection. I put my school ID in it even though it's from 2012 but I'll probably get a good laugh from it when I open the time capsule up. I put a picture of me and someone who means a lot to me who isn't in my life anymore (they're still alive just not in my life) and hoping when I open it I can regain connection with him. Other than those which are the most important items in the time capsule I put little items that I like; a movie ticket, note slips when I got called down to the office, rings, bracelets, etc.. I will be opening my time capsule when I am 25 and I wonder how my older self will look at it.

Finally Here

In one week my class and I will finally be graduating and stepping into the real world. It's crazy to think how we're not going to be just those high school teenagers, we will be in the real world. High school was an amazing experience; showing what task you can push yourself to complete, who you are, who really is your true friend, and so much more. This year for my Senior year I had to take art class. I didn't want to but I needed the credits. The class itself wasn't just an art class it was my complaining class. Every day once I walked into the class room, from 1:00 to 1:44 I would complain the whole time in class; "I hate this" "I can't do this" "Why are we doing this" etc.. But even though I did complain a lot, art class did open a door to me and showed me what I can push myself to do. I never thought I could accomplish half of the art work that I did. Even one of my art projects was on display, I never thought that day would ever happen! This class was a great class and taught me a lot about myself and gave me so many great memories. I'm not saying that I am suitable or going to major myself in an art class in college, but it was a really amazing year and a great experience in art class.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lighting The Flame (Short Story)

James's world was turning grey to black. Every other day that went by the darker the space around him turned. He lived his life in loneliness and responsibility, since his mother was never home because she was working all the time to support herself, James, and the very small home that they lived in.

Being so young and small to everyone and everything James didn't live life or understand it like a normal ten year old would. Instead of running, laughing, and going into an imaginary world with his friends he was sweeping, brushing, and scrubbing the tiny house where he lives at.

 Wearing the same beating and torn clothes from last year James would walk the halls of his school in shame. He was pointed and teased at by the older kids in his class. The brutal words that would spit from their mouths would strike James as if he was just beaten.

Water filled his eyes blocking his sight. He ran out of the school, ran past home, and just kept running and running. He wanted to disappear and give up seeing no point in life without the fun and friends. The loneliness took over. Falling to the hard cement scrapping and bruising his knees, he whipped his eyes and looked up to see a young adult looking down at him.

"Why so sad little man?" The older man had asked.

James was confused, this man's clothes were beaten and torn just like James's but instead of walking with a cloud over his head he carried the sun on his shoulders brightening up wherever he walked with the biggest smile on his face.

"I'm sick and tired of being older than I am! I'm sick and tired of all these kids laughing and making fun of me because my mom can't buy me new clothes. I'm suppose to be at the play ground laughing and having fun but instead I'm trapped inside my house cleaning and cooking for my mom who is never there!" James cried out.

"You think that's bad?" The man laughed, "Cleaning and cooking is an act of growing up and being responsible! While those kids are laughing and pointing their finger at you for getting a head start in life you can point and laugh at them when they are all alone and have no clue what to do."

A smile grew from ear to ear on James's face.

"All those silly problems that are bringing you down are just going to shoot you up and above, make you superior. You're going to turn into an arrow because when you are pulled so far down the only possible direction is up. So don't worry have fun while cleaning and cooking. Open up that creative mind of yours kid. I know you have one." The man patted James on the head and walked away.

James jumped up in excitement to run home and turn on the radio to slay the dust bunnies.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Create Your Own Grace & Nature

In this project we chose five random fortune cookies and had to pick one of them to inspire this drawing/collage we had to create. With this fortune, "You have a natural grace and great consideration for others" spoke out to me then another one because I believe in life the energy you put out is the energy you receive. So basically this is a person holding their energy and making it grow within them. The peddles falling off is the energy you grew spreading within the world. The numbers on the art were suppose to a tattoo, which are also the lucky numbers of the fortune. Then the item wrapping around the other arm is a necklace which was on the fortune. This piece I created was one of the best drawings that I ever came up with and in the end I was every proud of myself.  

Health, Style, Class

Art x3 was one of the most exciting projects that was assigned to us. We would do a part of a collage that would have a celebrity background to it. My original one that I had created had to do with the lost of time celebrities go through since they are always extremely busy. This one was someone random's that I was assigned to and it looked nothing like it does now when I have received it. The main idea though stayed the same about being healthy and having style. It was very difficult to create this since everything was such in a scramble but then once I pasted somethings down it became easier even though I had no idea what to do with the background. Then I thought back to the past projects we've done in art class and  I always took a liking to the dripping paint so I decided to do that to this and in the end it turned out very unique and fitting together.

Be Your Own Anchor

The anchor in general has an amazing background, it can we a normal anchor thats on a boat to stop it, or an anchor could be within yourself to, to stop and find yourself. Everyone should be their own anchor instead of having someone else be, because you cant get rid of yourself but other people can get rid of you. This project was a very messy, long, process. I found it extremely hard to crave the anchor because one line would be thicker than the other or vise versa. My favorite part was painting the stamp once you were finished, even though cleaning up every time was a drag. Then thing about coloring this was a little bit of a surprise when you use two colors then mix them together it could either look very amazing or kind of a dark, blob color. I liked this project a lot even though it wasn't my best work I have done.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blue Collage

The collection that our art class brought in was an ocean of blue. With all these items that we're brought in we use and do in our daily lives. The blue vans shoe is something everyone wears to get through the day, maybe not that type of show but everyone has a shoes on their feet. To go deeper then just a shoe to get you from place to place and to keep your feet warm and unharmed a shoe is a way of life. "Walk in my shoes and understand what I've been through," is one of the famous phrases a lot of artist use in their songs. We walk on this planet to get through struggles, good items, and dreams and no one will ever understand what you've been through unless they walked in your shoes. There are many other items in this collage of blue that we use in life.
The artist Portia Munson does similar artwork like the collage our class has created with our personal home items. Portia's art work is the pink collage of multiple items that interest her. Unlike ours where students were unsure what to bring so we brought in simiple items, Portia used more thought out items that all have a meaning to her in some way.