Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lighting The Flame (Short Story)

James's world was turning grey to black. Every other day that went by the darker the space around him turned. He lived his life in loneliness and responsibility, since his mother was never home because she was working all the time to support herself, James, and the very small home that they lived in.

Being so young and small to everyone and everything James didn't live life or understand it like a normal ten year old would. Instead of running, laughing, and going into an imaginary world with his friends he was sweeping, brushing, and scrubbing the tiny house where he lives at.

 Wearing the same beating and torn clothes from last year James would walk the halls of his school in shame. He was pointed and teased at by the older kids in his class. The brutal words that would spit from their mouths would strike James as if he was just beaten.

Water filled his eyes blocking his sight. He ran out of the school, ran past home, and just kept running and running. He wanted to disappear and give up seeing no point in life without the fun and friends. The loneliness took over. Falling to the hard cement scrapping and bruising his knees, he whipped his eyes and looked up to see a young adult looking down at him.

"Why so sad little man?" The older man had asked.

James was confused, this man's clothes were beaten and torn just like James's but instead of walking with a cloud over his head he carried the sun on his shoulders brightening up wherever he walked with the biggest smile on his face.

"I'm sick and tired of being older than I am! I'm sick and tired of all these kids laughing and making fun of me because my mom can't buy me new clothes. I'm suppose to be at the play ground laughing and having fun but instead I'm trapped inside my house cleaning and cooking for my mom who is never there!" James cried out.

"You think that's bad?" The man laughed, "Cleaning and cooking is an act of growing up and being responsible! While those kids are laughing and pointing their finger at you for getting a head start in life you can point and laugh at them when they are all alone and have no clue what to do."

A smile grew from ear to ear on James's face.

"All those silly problems that are bringing you down are just going to shoot you up and above, make you superior. You're going to turn into an arrow because when you are pulled so far down the only possible direction is up. So don't worry have fun while cleaning and cooking. Open up that creative mind of yours kid. I know you have one." The man patted James on the head and walked away.

James jumped up in excitement to run home and turn on the radio to slay the dust bunnies.