Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candy, Candy, Candy !

This project was one of my favorites, if anything it was so must easier and relaxing than the bike drawing. In this project we were told to draw a jar of candy and the candy around the jar. At first I put too much thought into this project and my frustration started to compel me but once I gathered myself I started to free hand the jar which was extremely simple.

After I drew the jar I took a shot into drawing the candy that surrounded the jar which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and after that I drew the candy inside. When it was time to color I was extremely timid because the paper we were drawing/coloring on was a paper we created with water color and whatever we wanted to create. My paper was blue and purple, so I was stuck debating how this will turn out with all the colors. As I started shading my colors that I chose blended extremely well with the color in the background so everything turned out very well. To make the candy inside the jar look as if it was actually inside the jar I took the white colored pencil and lightly shaded the jar and all the candies inside of it to make it look like they were behind a glass.

I was very please with how my art work turned out and I was surprised at my abilities to tackle this project down and have it come out actually good...or well in my eyes. I've learned not to judge myself before I even try the project out because this wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and it came out so well and I can actually say I am proud of myself.

Two Wheels One Struggle

In this project we were told you take a picture of an old rusty bike and re create the picture on a sheet of paper. With the bike picture though we had to blow it up and let it take up the whole paper and shade it in. At first I thought this would be a piece of cake but while I started to draw the bike I realized how much of a struggle this piece was, which was frustrating and surprising.

The bike took me a lot of time and while drawing it I made a resemblance to how it's kind of broken down and out of place. As you can see the bike looks a little un-done but that's not the laziness and frustration that I have as a person, that was my touch I wanted to show in the bike drawing. So, I made the look done with the handle bars and down but around the bike around the back tire that's when my thought came into place. Once this thought came and was down on paper I started to shade the bike, which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, if anything it was my favorite part. In the end the bike did come together in my own way.

At the end of this project I've learned that the things you see in front of you aren't as easy to put down on paper. But, you can not let your frustration over power you, you still have to pull yourself together and always remember to put a part of your thought and what you see behind the picture you are drawing in the picture that you are creating.