Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Box

This project we were assigned was probably the most meaningful and something everyone should do, we had to make a time capsule. The outside mine might not be that much but they are my favorite colors especially the blue. Also about the outside that might be a little weird and probably gross to most people but since I have stretched ears when I need to size up I use the tape that the time capsule is wrapped around in. In the inside of the time capsule I put some items in but mostly I wrote in it describing who is in my life right now, who means the most, and who doesn't mean that much. I also put a little note in for myself when I am older. I put a could insiders in the time capsule that I did with my friends so if I'm not in touch with them I can call them and tell them that I found the item and hopefully regain connection. I put my school ID in it even though it's from 2012 but I'll probably get a good laugh from it when I open the time capsule up. I put a picture of me and someone who means a lot to me who isn't in my life anymore (they're still alive just not in my life) and hoping when I open it I can regain connection with him. Other than those which are the most important items in the time capsule I put little items that I like; a movie ticket, note slips when I got called down to the office, rings, bracelets, etc.. I will be opening my time capsule when I am 25 and I wonder how my older self will look at it.

Finally Here

In one week my class and I will finally be graduating and stepping into the real world. It's crazy to think how we're not going to be just those high school teenagers, we will be in the real world. High school was an amazing experience; showing what task you can push yourself to complete, who you are, who really is your true friend, and so much more. This year for my Senior year I had to take art class. I didn't want to but I needed the credits. The class itself wasn't just an art class it was my complaining class. Every day once I walked into the class room, from 1:00 to 1:44 I would complain the whole time in class; "I hate this" "I can't do this" "Why are we doing this" etc.. But even though I did complain a lot, art class did open a door to me and showed me what I can push myself to do. I never thought I could accomplish half of the art work that I did. Even one of my art projects was on display, I never thought that day would ever happen! This class was a great class and taught me a lot about myself and gave me so many great memories. I'm not saying that I am suitable or going to major myself in an art class in college, but it was a really amazing year and a great experience in art class.