Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Create Your Own Grace & Nature

In this project we chose five random fortune cookies and had to pick one of them to inspire this drawing/collage we had to create. With this fortune, "You have a natural grace and great consideration for others" spoke out to me then another one because I believe in life the energy you put out is the energy you receive. So basically this is a person holding their energy and making it grow within them. The peddles falling off is the energy you grew spreading within the world. The numbers on the art were suppose to a tattoo, which are also the lucky numbers of the fortune. Then the item wrapping around the other arm is a necklace which was on the fortune. This piece I created was one of the best drawings that I ever came up with and in the end I was every proud of myself.  

Health, Style, Class

Art x3 was one of the most exciting projects that was assigned to us. We would do a part of a collage that would have a celebrity background to it. My original one that I had created had to do with the lost of time celebrities go through since they are always extremely busy. This one was someone random's that I was assigned to and it looked nothing like it does now when I have received it. The main idea though stayed the same about being healthy and having style. It was very difficult to create this since everything was such in a scramble but then once I pasted somethings down it became easier even though I had no idea what to do with the background. Then I thought back to the past projects we've done in art class and  I always took a liking to the dripping paint so I decided to do that to this and in the end it turned out very unique and fitting together.

Be Your Own Anchor

The anchor in general has an amazing background, it can we a normal anchor thats on a boat to stop it, or an anchor could be within yourself to, to stop and find yourself. Everyone should be their own anchor instead of having someone else be, because you cant get rid of yourself but other people can get rid of you. This project was a very messy, long, process. I found it extremely hard to crave the anchor because one line would be thicker than the other or vise versa. My favorite part was painting the stamp once you were finished, even though cleaning up every time was a drag. Then thing about coloring this was a little bit of a surprise when you use two colors then mix them together it could either look very amazing or kind of a dark, blob color. I liked this project a lot even though it wasn't my best work I have done.