Friday, November 15, 2013

Blue Collage

The collection that our art class brought in was an ocean of blue. With all these items that we're brought in we use and do in our daily lives. The blue vans shoe is something everyone wears to get through the day, maybe not that type of show but everyone has a shoes on their feet. To go deeper then just a shoe to get you from place to place and to keep your feet warm and unharmed a shoe is a way of life. "Walk in my shoes and understand what I've been through," is one of the famous phrases a lot of artist use in their songs. We walk on this planet to get through struggles, good items, and dreams and no one will ever understand what you've been through unless they walked in your shoes. There are many other items in this collage of blue that we use in life.
The artist Portia Munson does similar artwork like the collage our class has created with our personal home items. Portia's art work is the pink collage of multiple items that interest her. Unlike ours where students were unsure what to bring so we brought in simiple items, Portia used more thought out items that all have a meaning to her in some way.

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