Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collecting VS Hoarding

Collecting Vs Hoarding could go in many ways. Some people may agrue they are the samesamething because both are an obession over a certain item or items. But, these are hos the definitions differ. Collecting is to bring together in a group or mass; gather; to accumulate as a hobby or for study. Hoarding is an excessive collection of items, along with the knability to discard them. My veiws on these two things are very similar. i look at these things as the same, these both are diseases of an obession but one is just stronger than the other. With collecting you may do it as a hobby but along in time you will end up getting obsessed with that hobby. With hoarding something either tragic happened or you were born with the disease to collect anything you gather in life. Hoarding is just an extreme version of collecting. 

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